NextGen360 Ltd maintains a constant commitment to embracing our collective responsibilities as manufacturers and retailers, ensuring a positive external and internal impact through our activities and initiatives as a business. Through innovation and social consciousness, we strive to uphold our morality and ethics-driven ethos when considering the 5 core pillars (also known as the 5E’s) of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The introduction of this official CSR policy formalises the practices our business has maintained for several years and marks an important milestone as we work to foster a sustainable and responsible vaping industry.


NextGen360 Ltd is committed to reducing the ecological impact of our business. Throughout our facilities we have made several changes since 2015 that contribute to significantly lower energy consumption for our factory, warehouse and offices, increasing our operating efficiency and reducing waste during both business hours and downtime:

  • LED lighting conversion
  • Efficient heating
  • Cardboard recycling
  • Battery & chemical safe disposal
  • 100% recycled PCR PET bottles

Enterprise & Community

NextGen360 actively seek opportunities to engage with and support charitable organisations and global awareness initiatives to help further the social consciousness of our business and community alike. This is achieved through fundraising activities and promotions incorporating targeted marketing campaigns to raise awareness and encourage engagement from our followers and personnel alike.

  • Most recently evidenced by our Pride 2021 campaign, which saw a percentage of our profits donated to the LGBTQ+ community charity Stonewall.
  • We are now making positive steps towards working alongside and fundraising for cancer-based research charities

Employee Wellbeing & Opportunity

NextGen360 has invested in the provision of a variety of services intended to maximise employee engagement and opportunity while safeguarding their wellbeing. We are committed to developing our teams in a healthy and ethical manner to foster long-term retention and success.

  • Mental and physical health provisions are in place all-year-round with an open-door policy for consultation and counselling.
  • Annual wellbeing awareness days are actively promoted to staff throughout the business, including the provision of activities, educational material and general advice for any willing to engage.
  • Perk Box Medical is available to all staff, as are general discounts and rewards through Perk Box itself.

Ethical Ways of Working

We pride ourselves on ensuring our business operates with a clear and defined moral rigidity that will not be compromised. We recognise and embrace the duty of care to our customers and staff, with provisions made throughout the business to ensure equal opportunities, and enforce a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination or anything that may threaten the safety of our community and the integrity of our operations.

We consider ethics at all times as we work to uphold our core values as a business: collaboration, transparency, quality & remaining consumer-led at all times.


As thought leaders within our industry, we provide our community with comprehensive, impartial and credible educational information, both industry-specific and beyond. Our mission to help people worldwide quit smoking is underpinned by a desire to debunk myths and misinformation surrounding vaping and ensure consumers are able to make informed and non-biased decisions about how to manage their health and wellbeing in a way that caters to the needs of their individual lifestyles.

We seek to broaden public knowledge and understanding of our industry and drive it through a variety of mediums both on and offline, including the creation of a best practice guide series to aid people on their vaping journey and empower those seeking an alternative to smoking.

Strategic Review and Assessment

NextGen360 Ltd has been committed to making significant steps towards developing and upholding the core pillars of our CSR strategy for a number of years. Having most recently reviewed and assessed our current provision in order to establish tangible goals to drive continued progression over the next 5 years to 2026, at which time our progress will be reviewed once again to assess our success in attaining our established CSR goals.