Our Investment In CBD Products

At NextGEN360 we understand that CBD products represent the biggest emerging category in the vaping industry and beyond. To this end we have massively diversified our capabilities as a business to cater to this new market. We have invested significant time and effort into developing industry-leading best practice when manufacturing, testing and distributing CBD products.


Traditional e-liquid and CBD product manufacturing

Our facility has been specially designed to cater for both traditional e-liquid and CBD product manufacturing, with both being kept entirely separate to prevent any risk of cross-contamination, supported by our extensive quality control systems which allow for complete traceability of all components and ingredients utilised in the manufacturing process and maximum consistency of quality for the final product.


Laboratory Capabilities

We have invested heavily in our laboratory capabilities alongside this, greatly expanding our analytical capabilities. We have developed multiple testing practices methodologies using our in-house HPLC, specific to the analysis of Cannabinoids, allowing us to thoroughly batch test our products.


Delivering the best CBD Products

We have taken great care in selecting our Isolate and are proud to know that it is an industry leader in quality. It means we can confidently state that we are only ever providing you with the best CBD products available, and with good reason:
  • 01
    Our isolate is extracted from high quality cannabis plants sourced from the USA. These plants naturally produce over 18% CBD. Much higher than the more widely used “true” industrial hemp plants grown within the EU, which only produce a fraction of a percent of CBD by comparison!
  • 02
    This means that following their first extraction process the plants produce a full spectrum oil with a CBD content of 70-80% – the highest natural CBD content of any producer in the world!
  • 03
    Having such a high CBD content from the start, means that there is no need to waste as much plant material during the refinement process – only 20-30% compared to the 90-98% that is typically wasted when using inferior hemp. Not only that but the intensity of the extraction required to remove such a high percentage can significantly weaken the CBD molecule itself.
  • 04
    Due to only having to remove such a low amount of waste material, our Isolate is not damaged by any harsh solvents, chemicals or aggressive refinement processes. So not only is it less wasteful but is of the highest possible purity and integrity!
  • 05
    A bonus of having such high-quality Isolate is that our CBD can endure much higher temperatures before burning – upwards of 250 degrees! – making it even more ideal for vaping! Competing Isolates have been observed to lose up to 20-30% of their total CBD content when heated beyond 200 degrees. Ours loses a maximum of only 2%!
  • 06
    We work exclusively with the largest registered hemp farms who comply fully to US farming regulations. This means we can guarantee that pesticides and heavy metals are never present in the soil or surroundings where the hemp is grown.

We don’t expect you to take all this at face value of course – Our lab reports speaks for themselves! – they confirm that our isolate contains 99.33% CBD and absolutely 0% THC – We are always happy to share our lab reports on request.

Our CBD E-liquid Brands


Edge CBD

EDGE offers premium quality CBD products marketed specifically for the convenience sector. Having seen great success in the vaping industry already, EDGE looked towards the next generation of industry products and produced a trustworthy CBD product. We’re proud to make CBD a reality for consumers, helping change their lives for the better. We used our existing expertise in e-liquid product to make a CBD e-liquid perfect for consumers, and have since expanded the EDGE range with CBD Oral Sprays. Made using the same high-quality flavourings as our standard CBD range, our oral sprays are a really easy way to get into CBD.


LiQuid CBD

Our successful e-commerce brand has also been expanded to incorporate our CBD e-liquid range, bringing a new level of both quality and affordability to our customers at the click of a mouse.

By using the same automated high-volume batch production techniques at our facility, we’re able to produce LiQuid CBD at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. This enables us to pass the savings onto the consumer. We want everyone to have the opportunity to try CBD and make the most of its health benefits.

Thanks to our rigorous manufacturing processes, all of our CBD products carry our True-Zero THC Seal. It represents not only our promise of quality and purity but also tells the world that we never compromise on compliance. Our CBD products have never and will never contain THC, so you can display your chosen CBD range with confidence and pride.


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