We are Switching to Black Caps for 10ml Bottles

As a business, NextGEN360 ltd has decided to switch from using white caps to black for all 10ml orders moving forward. This change is only cosmetic and will not impact the quality of the e-liquid or any other aspect of our products – they will still be the premium quality you expect.

How will this affect your orders?

This change will not impact your orders in any way, our flavours, bottles and services remain unchanged. The difference is in the colour of the caps only – the materials used in their manufacture and the design of the caps will not change.

Our remaining stock of white caps will be phased out over the coming weeks. Once depleted we will begin fulfilling orders using the new black caps.

This change only impacts our 10ml product ranges, short-fills will remain unchanged and will continue to use the same chubby gorilla bottles and caps you are used to seeing.

Why we changed to black caps

The decision has been made as it provides a number of benefits both for our customers and the environment, in-line with our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy.

Improved Stock Availability

By making this change, all products produced by NextGEN360 now feature the same black cap. By removing the need to swap between different coloured caps between runs, we are able to streamline our production operations. This means reduced downtime and increased productivity which ultimately means more stock can be made available to you, our customers. In this way customers have an improved guarantee that stock will always be available to fulfil orders with minimal lead-times.

Reduced Energy Consumption

By removing the need to alternate between different cap varieties, we are able to run our machinery more efficiently with decreased downtime and fewer stops and starts during production runs. This means our operations consume less energy overall. Not only this, it also means we rely on one type of cap being produced rather than multiple, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of our suppliers.

Reduced Waste Plastic

Improving the efficiency of our operations in the ways described above helps us to control and restrict our plastic waste even more than we already do. It means we can use the same caps for all production runs, ensuring they are always fully used up, and allows orders to be forecast more accurately preventing reducing the risk of unnecessary waste.

You will likely notice this change take effect soon and hope you will enjoy the benefits it brings! If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact us.

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