NextGEN360’s response and preparations for the impact of Covid-19 in the UK

Due to the issues surrounding COVID-19, we at NextGEN360 have taken vital steps to safeguard both the continuation of our services and the absolute safety of all our valued customers during this challenging time. We have established a full contingency plan to achieve this, spearheaded by a dedicated COVID-19 Response Team, who are now working tirelessly to minimise disruption and maximise safety.

Actions undertaken:

  • Building larger stockholding, to support customer orders
  • Larger volume orders with suppliers to minimise any potential production disruption
  • Additional measures to protect staff

We are currently building increased stock holdings to accommodate larger order volumes due to increased consumer demand and potential bulk purchasing, as well as cover any periods of unforeseen downtime. To support this, we are raising all our raw material order volumes to maintain our operations in the event our supplier’s capabilities are impacted.

Strict Hygiene Standards
We have imposed strict on-site hygiene policies in addition to our existing standards and are working with all our employees to ensure adequate measures are taken to protect our business and its customers. Our products are manufactured in a safe, sealed environment thanks to our ISO class-7 clean facility, which ensures only high-purity filtered air comes into contact with our e-liquid. In the event of government-enforced work stoppages, all vital operatives have been equipped to work remotely from home to support the continued business function.

Plan Ahead
Currently, we have imposed no order restrictions and are taking every precaution to ensure consistent service. If you are a trade customer of NextGEN360, to avoid any complications with supply & demand we suggest increasing your current stock levels as a contingency to ensure product is readily available. We recommend avoiding any delay in placing your next orders. Do not hesitate to request additional guidance on suggested stock levels via your account manager.

We will keep you updated at all times should any changes in the UK impact our ability to supply our products and services.

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