NextGEN360 Assists in Shaping the Future of CBD

In November last year, NextGEN360 became board members of the CMC, the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis. By teaming up with the CMC, we have a fantastic opportunity for NextGEN360 to be at the forefront of industry change and lead the way towards a safer, better-regulated future for CBD.

The CMC is the UK’s first and only membership body for stakeholders in the medical cannabis sector, operating in cannabis medicinal products and cannabidiol wellness markets. The group launched in December 2018 as a not-for-profit industry body to increase access to medicinal cannabis and regulated CBD products in the UK for anyone who requires it. The CMC’s financial supporters include global industry leaders, investors and philanthropists, providing a source of expertise and insight into the potential of medicinal cannabis treatments.

The CMC set up The Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI) to address non-compliance within the CBD industry. Until now, CBD products in this country have been vastly unregulated. For example, an investigation conducted by the CMC found that 38% products on the markets contained less that 50% of the advertised CBD content. One high street brand had 0% CBD, despite charging £70.

Currently under EU Regulation all hemp-derived products containing cannabinoids are classified as Novel Foods and must go through the Novel Food application process. All foods and ingredients that do not have a significant history of consumption within the EU before 15th May 1997 are classified as Novel Foods. The ACI is set to assist companies through the complex legal compliance process to ensure CBD is authorised as a Novel Food through the FSA (Food Standards Agency). The ACI has enlisted the help of a regulatory consultancy company to ensure that the application is completed efficiently and to the standard of detail that the FSA require.

Alongside the Novel Foods Application, the ACI have launched a quality charter aiming to provide a framework for manufacturers and retailers to comply with. The Quality Charter consists of 7 pillars:

  1. Legal Framework (FSA Novel Foods Approved Ingredients)
  2. Testing (The use of approved third-party laboratories to test CBD/THC content of products)
  3. Labelling (Clear, accurate product labelling)
  4. Manufacturing (Best practise manufacturing methodology)
  5. Controlled Drugs (Detectability limits)
  6. Marketing Ethics (Socially responsible advertising and communications)
  7. Sustainability (Environmentally responsible)

As well as creating the ACI, the CMC has also introduced a kitemark for industry use, which will be seen on products in the next few months. This will indicate that the product is safe, containing 0 THC, and is high quality.

At NextGEN360, we are proud to have our own in-house lab for testing and research, allowing us to provide analytical testing on all our products and the ability to accurately state the CBD and THC content of the product. We also house our own ISO9001:2015 accredited manufacturing facility. As we are predominantly an e-liquid company, we employ self-restricted advertising regulations and transfer the basis of these legislative requirements over when advertising our CBD products. We never advertise our products to consumers under the age of 18 and never make medical claims for any of our products.

Finally having a framework of compliance rules is a welcome regulatory milestone in the CBD industry. It is vital to ensure that this thriving industry continues to grow, only providing safe, legal and most importantly a trustworthy product.

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