Self-Care Week 18th – 24th November

Self-Care Week 18th – 24th November

“the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health”

This week is National Self-Care Week, a programme run by the Self-Care Forum to raise awareness of the importance of self-care. NextGEN360 is in full support of the event and is embracing the initiative to find new ways to improve the wellbeing of its staff. From quit-smoking campaigns to office yoga, we are keen to get involved.

Self-Care is a simple concept, but its importance is often undermined. Self-care encompasses anything that you do to be good to yourself, having self-compassion and taking some well-deserved you-time. Practising self-care is crucial for our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and it had the power to enhance our overall quality of life. Self-care has the potential to boost productivity, improve physical health, increase positivity and strengthen work relationships.

As part of Well Being Week, we want our staff to look inwardly and consider the kinds of things we can do to take better personal care of our health and wellbeing. Throughout the week, there are going to be self-care messages dotted around the office building, including posters and cards on each staff member desk. The card will show a wellbeing tip, accompanied by a ‘Perkbox’ discount. There will also be fresh fruit available every day in each office, to promote healthy eating.

In the middle of the week, we are hosting a yoga event, available to all staff. The yoga session will aim to benefit office staff, including exercises to benefit posture and back pain. Free CBD samples and oral sprays will be available at the yoga event as studies show that CBD can greatly complement yoga.

In addition, we have also offered all smoking staff a free EDGE Hybrid device and five packs of H1 filter tips, to encourage staff to switch to a much healthier, smoke-free lifestyle.

We hope that our Self-Care Week will benefit our staff and that everyone will find at least one way to improve on their personal wellbeing, whether it be taking up a new hobby or making a small positive change in their lifestyle.

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