Sourcing CBD for our Next Generation products

We’re proud to say we use CBD isolate and distillate sourced from the best cannabis farms in the US. But as the popularity of CBD grows here in the UK, some entrepreneurial farmers have set their sights on home-grown cannabis, capitalising on this fast-growing industry.

CBD in the UK

As a recent Guardian article reported, Jersey has become the first place in the British Isles to permit farmers to harvest hemp flowers specifically for cannabis oil.

The trio behind the business began by utilising hemp’s unique natural structure, creating fire-resistant products from its hefty plant material. The company has since expanded into growing for medicinal CBD usage.

While there are opportunities for UK grown hemp for CBD, the process is not without its own unique risks. Recently, the Home Office reneged on a hemp farm’s licence to grow for CBD Oil, with the company subsequently being forced to destroy 16 hectares of the plant.

NextGEN360’s CBD

While consistent UK-grown CBD extraction might be a long way off, our friends in the US have been producing high-quality CBD for years, perfecting their production techniques to produce yields with unparalleled quality and potency.

We use isolate and distillate sourced from the US, where cultivation of cannabis is legal in states such as California, Colorado and Arizona, extracted from high yield plants which naturally produce over 18% CBD. This is much higher than the more widely used industrial hemp plants grown within the EU, which only produce a fraction of a percent of CBD by comparison.

After cultivation, the first extraction process produces a full-spectrum oil (containing a vast number of unique cannabinoids) with a CBD content of 70-80%. This is one of the highest natural CBD content levels of any producer in the world.

Having such a high CBD content from the outset means that there is very little plant material that goes to waste during the refinement process – only 20-30% compared to the 90-98% that is typically wasted when using inferior hemp. Not only is there very little wastage, the intensity of the extraction on weaker cannabis can significantly weaken the CBD molecule itself. With such a potent starting material, our suppliers don’t need to use any harsh solvents, chemicals or aggressive refinement processes, meaning the resulting isolate is very pure indeed.

One particular bonus of NextGEN360’s use of such high-quality isolate is that our CBD can endure much higher temperatures before burning – upwards of 250 degrees, so it’s ideal for vaping in e-liquid form. Competing isolates have been observed to lose up to 20-30% of their total CBD content when heated beyond 200 degrees; our isolate loses only around 2%.

And of course, we can confirm that our isolate contains absolutely 0% THC. Our in-house lab uses stringent batch verification for all of our ingredients, and we’re committed to providing products that consistently contain what the label states.

The relative maturity of the hemp industry in the US means farmers and regulators have already worked through the teething problems of this new industry. While UK and European farms might come across problems with regulations from local authorities, we can be sure our supply of US CBD will be consistent and reliable. We work exclusively with the largest registered hemp farms who comply fully to US farming regulations. This also means we can guarantee that pesticides and heavy metals are never present in the soil or surroundings where the hemp is grown.

It would be great to see the CBD revolution make an impact on farms in the UK. Recent reports from the UN suggest we need to look seriously at the way in which we use our land in the face of climate change and its limited resources. Hemp production may offer both a new financial incentive to farmers as well as offering a more sustainable business model that benefits producers, consumers and the Earth too.

While UK hemp production for CBD may be some way off, we’re more than happy with our fantastic US-made CBD isolate. Both high in quality and consistency, our US suppliers undoubtedly produce the best CBD available in the world today.

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