Will we see Cannabis legalisation in the UK within five years?

Conservative MP Jonathan Djanogly, Lib Dem Sir Norman Lamb and Labour MP David Lammy seem to think so.

After travelling to Canada on a research expedition to explore the manufacture of cannabis for the blooming recreational and medical health market, the cross-party group believe that prohibition of cannabis has failed in the UK, and that legalisation is the only sensible step forward.

While the vast majority of MPs from all parties believe cannabis reforms are not open for discussion, a growing number believe prohibition neither protects recreational users from harm, nor punishes those that take advantage of our current laws.

“I want the market legalised, regulated and taken away from criminal gangs.’

David Lammy MP

At NextGEN360, we believe that thorough regulation of the potential cannabis market is the only way to ensure the benefits of this complex drug are free to be used by those that have come to rely on its therapeutic effects.

Cannabis is the most widely used criminalised drug in the UK, with around 3.0 million people using it in the last year. While many users enjoy its euphoric effects recreationally, a growing number are turning towards cannabis for its therapeutic benefits for a wide range of issues. Sufferers of epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, digestive issues, and even patients with forms of cancer have found a remedy for some of their symptoms in cannabis.

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Using cannabis recreationally, however, is not without significant risks. The clear links between potent cannabis strains and mental health problems in early users is a growing problem in the UK. In addition to exploitative criminal gangs, its obvious illegality and its social acceptability, lawmakers in the UK have a huge task before we find cannabis on the high street.

“I want to see the strength of the stuff reduced, labelled and properly organised in this country,”

David Lammy MP

As part of our renewed offering of services this year, NextGEN360 offer analytical testing of e-liquids and products for all cannabinoids. A surprising majority of CBD products on sale in the UK offer inaccurate descriptions of their contents, while some companies even neglect to add CBD at all.

The five-year estimate offered by cross-party MPs might well oversimplify the tricky path towards the changes required to both UK law and our culture of drug use. The seeming inevitability of legalisation means all companies in this industry must be conscious and open to change. For the future of the industry, we believe accuracy and commitment to regulation is paramount to achieving safety and success, whatever we might encounter for our business in the coming years.

Want to make sure your products contain what they say they do? Get in touch with our analytical team today.


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