BSMW is now NextGEN360

BSMW/Blend & Bottle is excited to announce we will be changing our name to better represent the future of our business.

We have operated for many years as BSMW Ltd, a name inspired by our family-oriented roots; with each letter representing the family unit that founded the company and helped it thrive all the way back in 2010.

The industrious brothers – B for Ben, S for Sam and a proud father, M for Martin, followed by their family name – W for Wilson. The name BSMW represented our rise from humble beginnings, whilst serving as a reminder to uphold our family values to ensure our strength and integrity as a business.

The BSMW name has been our banner since the company’s inception, and we have gone from strength to strength within the vaping industry, adapting and diversifying to maintain our position as a market leader in quality, safety and innovation.

The change to NextGEN360 has been carefully considered and bears much significance – it represents our new direction and ethos as a company, as we transcend the vaping industry and look further to the next generation. Our business has grown to such an extent that our name needed to truly reflect our contemporary identity. CBD products represent the biggest emerging market category for products dedicated to improving health and wellbeing – a major facet of our company mission statement.

The development and incorporation of CBD into our range of products and services represents our embracing the next generation and inspired the first part of our new identifying. In conjunction with this, “360” represents our ability to service the full spectrum of commerce, with our ever-expanding capabilities now boasting professional offerings, whether in-store, online, convenience-driven or contract manufactured.

We have become a one-stop-shop for manufacturing, analytical, design and retail solutions, but have never forgotten the family values that have brought us to this point.

We hope that you will join us in embracing the future and welcome our change to NextGEN360 – the same trusted innovators you already know, with a bright new horizon ahead.

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